Web 2.0 + eBay = Cooqy: article reviews & features

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Web 2.0 + eBay = Cooqy: article reviews & features
4 Jun 2006

Cooqy, the first Web 2.0 eBay search engine, has been receiving critical acclaim from some recent online reviews, including these:


New features continue to be added to Cooqy on a daily basis, including:

1. Community Chat. Create freeform chat threads associated with sellers and items. Need help from someone about a seller or item? Have information to share? Do it at Cooqy while you shop!

2. Community tagging. Tag sellers and items with phrases and dispositions. Remember who was good or bad to you, and at the same time share your eBay experiences with others.

3. Finders Keepers. Place a high bid on an item using Cooqy, then activate the Finders Keepers feature to hide the item from all other Cooqy users for as long as you remain the high bidder.

4. Animated Photo Collage view. See eBay items in a new, fun way!

5. Animated "lava lamp" color chooser. Selecting item colors has never been so fun! Select a color and let Cooqy find items that match the color as closely as possible using an advanced algorithm that automatically includes misspellings. Cooqy's results are more accurate than simply typing "red" or "white" into a search query.

6. Find similar items. When viewing any item detail, click a button to automatically find similar items. This helps to narrow your searches and do comparison shopping at eBay faster.

7. Integrated Yahoo! mapping. The Yahoo! map is now integrated inline into Cooqy, allowing the plotting of item locations from any search, as well as from any item detail window.

8. Faster surfing, especially over dial-up. A typical eBay item page weighs in at over 100KB, but Cooqy only needs to send 2KB to the browser to view the same item. Dial-up users have reported that items that took over a minute to view at eBay only took 8 seconds in Cooqy. Best of all, Cooqy provides a normalized, consistent layout of all item details, so that browsing items is easier and predictable.

Cooqy is free and now supports eBay USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and India.

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