AMan Pro - Malware?

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AMan Pro - Malware?
11 Nov 2014
Before installing, this program requires you to turn off User Account Control, a clear violation of security policies deliberately put in place by Windows. I refused to update the setting and now I have no way to quit the program and I'm getting popups every 10 seconds prompting me to update settings. When I look in task manager, there is no application or process that is obvious to kill and there is no uninstall application.

Download at your own risk. The developers clearly have no regard for modern security practices and it's not clear whether the app is actually malware itself.
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Re: AMan Pro - Malware?
25 Nov 2014
Kevin for SpaceWare here. AMan Pro does require UAC to be off for Windows Vista and Windows 7. This is because of issues with UAC in those OSes. Windows XP does not have UAC and it is not required from Windows 8 as there are no longer issues. The application is certainly not malware and is in use by hundreds of users on those platforms.

The application name is Amazon.exe . The product may be uninstalled using Windows Control Panel (via Programs and Features) or via the uninstall option in the SpaceWare-AMan Pro menu in the normal All Programs via the Start button.

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Re: AMan Pro - Malware?
18 Dec 2014
Strange situation.

Kevin was very clear about this UAC need, yet I also agree with the OP that one shouldn't need to go into the Windows Control Panel and disable UAC on behalf of a new application.

A simple manually clicked "Yes/OK" on 1 UAC prompt upon initial installation should be all that's needed for a complete and smooth install of legitimate software.

Interesting. - How many watchers?

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