Teapplix is the best most robust shipping software we found

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Teapplix is the best most robust shipping software we found
14 Nov 2014
As a online retailer with primary focus on market places such as eBay & Amazon doing thousands of orders a day, we have tried a number of shipping software such as ShipWorks, ShipStation and number of other large brand name order integration and shipping softwares. However after we tried Teapplix we stopped our search and decided teapplix is the software we will be sticking with. Teapplix may not have fancy graphics or nice icons but their features are unmatched in so many ways. We have been using their software for 2+ years and have never looked back. One thing I would like to give them credit to is that through the 2+ years we worked with them, we see them constantly evolving and adding new features keeping up with the ever changing online marketplace environment. That is a huge plus for us knowing we won't be using an out of date software a few years down the road.

From order integration stand point, they are linked with pretty much all of the online marketplaces, big or small and many shopping carts as well. When you sell on so many marketplaces, if one is not integrated it throws your operations off and creates inefficiencies, teapplix is integrated with all the platforms we sell.

Going beyond order integration into the pick/packing efficiencies, teapplix's ability to store a large number of data such as item location, sku details and generate one of the most detailed picking list and data on label is a huge blessing for our packing speed.

Finally their sync with quickbook which allows us to effortlessly send orders to our accounting system was one of the primary reason we used their software to start with.

They have also started an inventory & price management system which is currently in beta, I cannot comment much about it because we have not completed the integration, but in theory when it works, it will save a lot of time with inventory qty updates across all channels.

In sum, Teapplix has it's learning curve like any software, but if you want a serious order management system with more features than the competitors that will last you a long time, we strongly suggest Teapplix.
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