Looking for AuctionBlox reviews.

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Looking for AuctionBlox reviews.
11 Jun 2006
Hi, I'm looking for an auction software package that integrates with an online store. I've been looking into AuctionBlox, which integrates with an osCommerce store. I would love to get feedback from current users of AuctionBlox and osCommerce, good or bad. Please let me know what you think! I have an online store already ( www.theteacaddy.com) which operates on LaGarde's StoreFront, but to be honest I don't like StoreFront at all and want to change my shopping cart software. Besides osCommerce, the other shopping cart software I'm considering is X-Cart, but there doesn't seem to be any auction management software that integrates with X-Cart, at least I haven't found any. I want to start selling on eBay to help boost my sales, so it's important for me to get auction software that's integrated with an online store. I've also looked at Marketworks. They seem like a decent option also, but I don't like that they charge a final value fee on both auction and store sales. That could get expensive really quickly. AuctionBlox with osCommerce seems to be the best option I've found so far. If you use AuctionBlox and osCommerce please let me know what you think. Thanks!

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