A Must Have Tool for Etsy

A review of BETSI by BlueWaterBeads
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A Must Have Tool for Etsy
24 Nov 2014
As an Etsy seller for over 7 years, I was thrilled when BETSI became available as a tool to help manage my listings. I have been a BETSI subscriber for quite a few years and use this tool almost daily to help manage and update my Etsy store.

One of the most important things for me when choosing a online product is Customer Service. I have only had a few questions over the years – every single time – I received immediate responses, with clear and understandable answers.

The BETSI service is extremely reliable, I have never encountered down time. The support and updates to BETSI match the constantly changing Etsy website environment. If something changes at Etsy, BETSI will accommodate the change, if able.

One of my favorite uses of BETSI is the global editor. My shop has monthly specials, with BETSI I can quickly set up a global search and replace to update my coupon codes, specials and flash sales. It takes seconds to update 150 listings. Without BETSI this would not be possible, it would take hours to edit each ad, one by one.

I highly recommend BETSI to anyone considering a bulk editor for their Etsy store.
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