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26 Nov 2014

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Luke Trayfoot
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Re: Repricing strategy = enticing customers
26 Nov 2014
Great article Luke!

I think one of the most important points you touch on there is the importance of knowing your costs! The last thing you want to do is eliminate any margin. It is very easy to undercut your competitors and start selling loads of products at a cheap price, which gives the illusion of a good business, but if you're only making a few cent on each sale because you're selling cheap to beat the competition, then it's not an ideal situation. It is therefore important to make sure you are looking at repricing software that can take into account all your costs, and make sure your margins are safe. (Full disclosure, the XSellco Repricer does this, and lets you reprice based on net margin).

Not only does knowing your costs help you make bigger profits, but once your repricing software starts working for you and gathering data, you are then able to start seeing which products are selling at the highest profits, so you can either start to focus your energy on these profitable sales, or you can work to find out how you can improve on your least profitable products.

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Re: Repricing strategy = enticing customers
26 Nov 2014
Hi Luke

Great post. Most Amazon sellers don’t realise that they already have half of the work done for repricing—they have their products listed and selling on Amazon as well as a tangible sales history. That’s a great platform from which to get repricing up and running and it’s a case of using a solution that will allow you to ‘try before you buy’.

Unfortunately many sellers believe they don’t have the time or IT knowledge to fully exploit repricing effectively, but as the famous ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky once said, “You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take”.

A repricing solution is only effective if you can get it up and running quickly and actually start using it—obviously we believe our solution, RepricerExpress, is particularly focused on this.

We would encourage any Amazon seller to trial a few repricing solutions (not at the same time though!!) and demystify the whole subject for themselves. When they realise how much it can help their sales and profits, they will then be able to decide what solution is best suited to their business.
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Re: Repricing strategy = enticing customers
1 Jan 2015
@RepricerExpress I suggest all people do some google searches on their repricing companies to see what customers have to say about them before they jump in.
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Re: Repricing strategy = enticing customers
1 Jan 2015
@robertw477 Agree with you.Web retailer supplier testimonial is handy.

However, personally I look for suppliers current customer and ring them to check how the services have been.
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