Easy, convenient & competitive international funds transfers

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Easy, convenient & competitive international funds transfers
28 Nov 2014
I've been using WorldFirst for a number of years now for my online business. WorldFirst accepts all major currencies, which not only allows me to transfer these funds back to my own local bank accounts, (where ever they are held in the world) but to also make direct transfers to my suppliers in their own local currencies. This is very important to me, as it reduces the amount of times I need to transfer international funds which of course, saves on the losses on the exchange rates and fees compared to using my bank.

WorldFirst now has their own website. I can conveniently login to my account at any time of the day from anywhere in the world to attend to my finances. I can easily see what my balances are in each currency, I can produce easy to understand statements for my own records and of course make funds transfers whenever is convenient to me. WorldFirst informs me at the time exactly what a transfer is going to cost, what the exchange rate will be and when exactly the payment will be processed and then received by either myself or my suppliers.

I must also praise the staff at WorldFirst. The staff are extremely helpful and very quick with their responses. Questions are answered and dealt with very quickly and this includes contacting them by email. This is quite the opposite my bank, where I'm placed on hold when I call or don't receive an answer for 72 hours if I contact them via email.

Overall I thoroughly recommend WorldFirst to anyone that needs to make international funds transfers for their business, whether it be sending or receiving. Great exchange rates, low fees, with fast and excellent customer service when needed.
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