There's no better bulk editing tool than BETSI!

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There's no better bulk editing tool than BETSI!
29 Nov 2014
I started using BETSI after reading great things about it in the Etsy forums. After clicking on the shop links of those who were raving about it, I had to see what their shops were like. I noticed that they were all very successful! Naturally, I wanted to achieve that level of success too, but how could I when any changes I thought about making would involve having to spend hours, if not DAYS changing each listing one by one. Daunting to say the least. So I immediately looked into BETSI further, joined the Blugrin team on Etsy and instantly got the support I needed from Graeme, the creator himself! Who's totally amazing by the way.

I can't say enough great things about BETSI. Up until I purchased the full paid version, I had only heard positive things about it. My very first experience with the program was BETSI Lite. Although it has some useable features, it had some limitations, so I decided to purchase the full paid version and haven't regretted it. After 2 years of using it, I can honestly say that BETSI has changed my Etsy life! I can say with certainty, that my shop would not be where it is today without BETSI and all the great tools, and support associated with it.

BETSI is user friendly, logical, tasks can be performed within seconds or a couple of minutes at most, tags, titles, descriptions can be amended with just a few clicks! It's worth every penny and literally pays for itself within just a few uses. I recommend it to everyone every chance I get. I love BETSI!

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