WONDERFUL tool for eBay members with 10+ feedback!

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WONDERFUL tool for eBay members with 10+ feedback!
15 Jun 2006
If you have had an eBay account for over 1 year, or if you have a 10+ feedback rating then take a look at this to receive $20 and a wonderful eBay tool:

Step 1: Sign up for PayPal (Free to join) www.unwiredbuyer.com/cgi-bin/r...7f7f6a8700d369b458376322212d32 if you do not have it yet. This is where they will pay your $20, which you can then have transferred to your bank account.
Step 2: Go to www.unwiredbuyer.com/cgi-bin/r...9b458376322212d32]UnwiredBuyer
Step 3: Sign up (ITS FREE, you'll make $20 if you just follow these instructions) on the righthand side where the background is orange.
Step 4: Enter your information on the next page, select your four digit pin and remember it
Step 5: Enter your ebay account username and password
Step 6: I forget, but you probably will receiver a confirmation e-mail which you will need to confirm
Step 7: Once your all joined up, just go to eBay.com and look for a cheap auction, such as typing in "ebook" in the search bar, and then finding an auction that is not a "Buy It Now" auction and is fairly cheap from $.01-$.99. Click on that auction (Make sure the ending time will be a time you can answer your cell phone).
Step 8: Once on the auction page youll see a link that say "Watch Item," click on that and you will be watching the item.
Step 9: 3 Minutes before the auction is over, UnwiredBuyer will call your cell phone and all you have to do is enter your pin number that I stated earlier and bid on the auction through the phone, you do not even have to win the auction to get the $20 credited to your PayPal account. It should take 1-2 business days for them to send the $20 to your PayPal account.

$20 for about 10 minutes!

Try it out, seriously.

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