New to Amazon, even newer to Feedback Genius - Happy Happy

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New to Amazon, even newer to Feedback Genius - Happy Happy
7 Dec 2014
Cost --- Very reasonable
Getting Started --- not difficult at all
Results --- Better than expected

All of our sales are FBA and we had not developed good communication practices with our customers. We weren't having many problems, but were not getting feedback either.

A few days after signing up with Feedback Genius, the messages started to go out to our customers. Positive feedback started to follow. One response was an unhappy customer over some shipping damage. We were able to respond quickly and that complaint (because it was written to us) never became a negative or a claim. Even knowing it was due to shipping and not our action that we would not have been held responsible, we were happy to be able to handle the issue in less than two hours from start to finish..

What we receive is good, consistent and effective communication with our customers. The benefits to us are time savings, improved metrics with Amazon and a higher level of customer service. Any one of these justify the cost.

There are a lot of people that sell services to Amazon sellers. This is one of only two we've found to be worthwhile.
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