Sellbrite vs other services

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Igor Kirillin
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Sellbrite vs other services
8 Dec 2014
Hi there!

I use Sellbrite to list products from my Shopify Store ( to the Etsy account.
I tested various services like Stitch, Ecomdash, SynCommerce and maybe some others.
Sellbrite is the only one to flawlessly do the job: sync my listings. This is it really.
Sellbrite team (CEO Brian Nolan and CMO Mike Ugino) were always there to meet my concerns.
Just to meet my concerns because the app itself is easy to use and there was never a problem.
There are a bunch of options like inventory management, max inventory for a channel and price markup for the channel, that I don't actually use, but I know they are there if I need.

I actually use Ecomdash for inventory management because channels are not restricted.
I trialed Sellbrite in September 2014 and only signed up in December 2014 because they introduced a new tariff policy starting with only 29 (billed annually) and 39 (billed monthly) for 2 channels. And this is I believe the best bargain available. There are super expensive apps like Stitch which just tracks your inventory, at least i never found eBay, Amazon or etsy listing builder while trialing it. Other services either don't work or do not provide integrations I like to have. I was specifically looking for Etsy because it is the most liberal marketplace in terms of their 3,5% fee and I guess Sellbrite was the first to introduce a working bulk integration.
I also have a couple of Shopify stores in different languages, and I need to build their product listings separately and neither SellBrite or Ecomdash would help me out here. I also like to build my product feed for Amazon separately. So I just need Sellbrite for 1 integration. And it's perfect that they now provide me with this opportunity. So far Sellbrite was sort of ahead of my expectations which is great.
For the moment my choice is Sellbrite + Ecomdash.

ps. they didn't offer me a discount for this review)
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Re: Sellbrite vs other services
9 Dec 2014

Can you share if Sellbrite allows multilanguage titles and descriptions so you can work with different languages?

Jose Cardoso
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Igor Kirillin
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Re: Sellbrite vs other services
9 Dec 2014
Hi @josecardoso !

You mean does it allow to translate your listings in other languages?
I don't know actually, but I didn't come across that feature.
If you find a service provider for that task I'd be happy if you shared with us.

If you mean is it track inventory with same SKU but different names and descriptions, i.e. in different languages, I will again point out to Ecomdash.
It just reads you SKU from all channels and counts how many you have got in stock of each, although you have various listings on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, different languages on Shopify.

I believe since Sellbrite manages inventory, it probably uses the same logic: count by SKU.
But I don't know for sure. I hope guys from Sellbrite will correct me if I am wrong.
I guess, it depends on the # of channels you manage.
I just figured out what's reasonable for me financially and it turned out: SellBrite + Ecomdash.
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Re: Sellbrite vs other services
9 Dec 2014
@igor - thanks for the awesome review!

@josecardoso - Yes, you can enter your product information in any language in Sellbrite, and it will carry over to the listings you create on the channels from Sellbrite. Currently, though, Sellbrite only integrates with the US marketplaces. We have plans to expand internationally next year.

Yes, Sellbrite does also manage your inventory and sync your inventory across all your listings on each channel. We've built a system so that SKU don't need to match on each channel and you can still link them together in Sellbrite. However, if the SKUs do match, the linking process is automatic.

Brian @ Sellbrite

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