E Seller Pro VS Channel Advisor - help please

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Re: E Seller Pro VS Channel Advisor - help please
31 Jul 2006
I have contacted them for a demo with no reply - does not bode well for their support if they don't even get back to you for the initial sale!
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Re: E Seller Pro VS Channel Advisor - help please
1 Aug 2006
I know they are pretty busy at the moment - probably as a direct result of all the positive feedback on this site .

Waiting for a decision from my boss ref eseller pro, but have been pretty impressed with them so far.

They have promised to take our v antiquated database and set it up so we can run our direct website, ebay and catalogue businesses all from the one place. We are also revamping the website, listing templates and setting up an ebay store at the same time (though with the recently announced hike in fees for the latter, it remains to be seen whether the store will be financially viable in the longer term .....)
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Re: E Seller Pro VS Channel Advisor - help please
11 Aug 2006
Still nothing from them. I speak to ChannelAdvisor everyday nearly - I am not intrested in moving to a company that does not respond to an email, to risky when online business is so dynamic and fast moving. Shame - fallen at the first hurdle.
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Re: E Seller Pro VS Channel Advisor - help please
15 Aug 2006
I had one demo of Eseller - after raising a number of questions, I was promised another demo the following week to demonstrate answers to my queries.

That was the last I heard from them no demo and no contact since then.
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Re: E Seller Pro VS Channel Advisor - help please
2 Sep 2007
I have been using ESeller Pro since its inception 2 years ago.
It has developed tremendously over that time, and there is still MORE to come!

It really is the ONESTOP shop for online sales control. I call it the BRAIN of our business - it controls the Purchasing and Sales Orders, the Inventory details for each product that we sell, manages our warehouse locations - exports financials to Sage - lists to numerous Amazon sites, PlayTrade, Ebay, dedicated book online sites, and they do their own Websites.

To have all your data in one place which allows all products to be easily listed on all the different marketplaces is a very efficient method of increasing your T/O.

Functionality that actually works and saves you time are indispensable in the online world that we all trade in. ESeller Pro has more functionality than you can shake a stick at - I recommend to all that the quicker you get using it the better - and I have used some of the others, and I can't even be bothered to comment on them, they are quickly losing ground to ESeller Pro, and rightly so - they don't have the same focus that ESeller Pro do.

ESeller Pro are increasing their head count on a regular basis which ultimately means that they are expanding the system's capability to deliver the ULTIMATE online control system - THE BRAIN!
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Re: E Seller Pro VS Channel Advisor - help please
5 Sep 2007
As of August 2007, eSellerPro is only accepting Titanium Powersellers from the USA, in order to focus on supporting their UK market.
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Re: E Seller Pro VS Channel Advisor - help please
7 May 2009
I have to say having read some of these reviews I am suspicious that some of them are employed by eseller pro.

We have used it for some time and have to agree with the other negative review.

As it is an online java based system there is a problem when you can't even log-in. This has happened numerous times on different computers.

It seems it is company policy not to answer the phone.

The training stafff also leaves a lot to be desired. It is fine making the promise for something to be done but is often not followed up on.

Then they blame shift rather than accept responsibility for not doing the work that they had promised.

When you are first using the system, there are a number of time critical issues which can cause loss of business.

Their answer is to 'raise a ticket' - who knows when the time critical issue is addressed.

Imagine it happening over the weekend - no sales.

Their image server was down for one day. A small example of a small problem. Imagine if there is a larger problem.

There are consistent changes within the inventory,almost like there is a ghost drifting across the software making strange changes.

There are numerous anomalies within the software and,to my mind, it is not a finished product.

Imagine waking up to different problems everyday - inventory not matching. Inventory delisting for no reason.

The software promises a lot but fails to deliver.
Especially for the complete online seller,it is more b&m based.

Invisible staff, who do not go out of their way to help or make themselves available in any way.

The very worst in customer service given at a time when you are training.

So instead of an increase in sales look for an increase in frustration,stress,extra work and fewer sales. Staff not taking phone calls,not responding to emails etc etc.

I have noticed other sellers using eSellerPro Their positive feedback rating seems to be going down.

I do believe that negative detailed review. I also believe he is not the only one and I also believe there will be more.

Not everyone is kind enough to take the time to let people know they may be making a dreadful mistake.

Heed their words and avoid esellerpro.

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