Auctiva - more and more problems

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Auctiva - more and more problems
19 Jun 2006
if you are a new seller and are attracted by the fact that Auctiva is FREE, easy to use, has picture hosting etc, sadly, please be aware that the site is experiencing increasing problems - site is often down and even when it isn't there are problems with the image hosting which means that your auctions appear without pictures.

Such a shame. I really liked it ......
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Re: Auctiva - more and more problems
2 Jul 2006
We've avoided Auctiva because of their lack of integrated shipping and a complete checkout solution. It's "good" information to know they are also having problems with reliabillity.

We saw them at eBay Live in Vegas and they said they were working on enhancements. Perhaps their downtime is related to that.

Regardless of why they've been down, any web-based e-commerce application has to maintain a minimum of 99.999% uptime if they are going to compete. Andale is an example of a once prominant company that is now struggling because of their poor reliabillity record.

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