Powerful Tool in the right hands

A review of Stone Edge Order Manager by Travis Romine
Spokane, WA United States
Travis Romine
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Powerful Tool in the right hands
24 Dec 2014
I own a mid-sized online retail shop with over 40k physical sku's in 27,000 feet. We are highly successful and I've been using Stone Edge since 2008. We compete directly against entities staffing 50+ employees... with our meager 15 person team! This is mainly because of our efficiency. I'm writing to let other serious online retailers on this forum know that Stone Edge can rock, if it's setup correctly and in the right hands. Our warehouse has been featured by UPS as a model of efficiency and we happily give tours to other online merchants in our locale.

As with any powerful software we had some bumps in the road starting out with SE but are now experiencing the efficiency and incredible power of the product. Needless to say our business has grown leaps and bounds since we started saving so much time on processing orders and inventory and have focused on getting more traffic and engaging our customers.

There is a learning curve, Stone Edge support will pitch you a price for them to set it up and give you a tour of the basics. Pay $1500 or whatever they charge and have Stone Edge Support remote in and setup the software for you, it is absolutely worth doing. Note: Enterprise will certainly cost you much more for setup but also worth it. They will also give you a tour of the features and help you become proficient with the software much faster.

Like any software, it will perform only as well as the computer and the person that is running it, don't skimp on the computer or the quality of your staff members. If you aren't an IT nerd...hire one to maintain Stone Edge and your website in general, you'll never look back. You are in online retail and healthy computers and network are essential.

If you are even a remotely serious online retailer, the cost of Stone Edge is basically free compared to other solutions like NetSuite or Order Motion or M.O.M. which are all LACKING KEY FEATURES Stone Edge has built in! Before you give any of the above systems your money, compare the features carefully.

If you are still only processing a few orders a day and are just starting out don't wait to purchase Stone Edge later, it has all the systems to run your inventory, POS and will be a great systems road-map. I've found the Stone Edge workflow to be a series of eCommerce best practices that are scale-able for the future.

I will also say in retrospect that I wish I had purchased it when I first opened the shop, it makes every part of the our operation so much easier and automates boring tasks efficiently.

So as far as support...
I have to admit support hasn't gotten 5 stars from me during the transition to Monsoon but they are getting much better. I looked around and interviewed dozens of Order Management/ERP solution providers over the last year just to see what else is out there. The least expensive one that compared at all to Stone Edge was...gulp...$25,000/year, some were up to $100,000 for setup! I entertained a few of these options as I don't mind paying for something that works great. As I learned more about these alternate solutions I found they all had shortcomings and really couldn't compete with Stone Edge.

I've taken the time to submit this comprehensive review because I noticed a few poor reviews here that just don't accurately represent the product. I suspect these users were expecting...a magic wand? Stone Edge is magic, but it is still just a tool... like a bulldozer is to a general contractor. In the right hands it is amazing.

I'm chomping at the bit for Version 8.0 which promises to streamline the interface and add some new innovative features regarding inventory. I couldn't have built my business without this software. I highly recommend it.
Best regards,
Travis Romine
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