Dear Father Christmas

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Dear Father Christmas
25 Dec 2014
Hi Father Christmas.

It's 40 years since I last wrote to you, thanks for the Scalextric by the way. The reason I am writing to you today is for a present not just for me but for people throughout the world.

What we would really like this year is a nice new shiny selling platform for people to sell on.

Now before you tell me that there are already selling platforms out there, let me tell you what I would like:

All buyers and sellers to be treated equally unless they have been naughty boys and girls.

As most items have a barcode these days, a catalogue system to list products, but with an option to list one off or specialist items. That way it saves buyers from trudging through loads of listings and getting bored trying to find what they want.

These days you have to sell internationally, so if you had sites worlwide and you translated listings free of charge for those that wanted to ship internationally that would be great for everybody as well as for the shopping channels profits.

A system where buyers can pass comments on sellers and vice versa, lets call it feedback, but it must be fair and honest. That way buyers can check on sellers, and sellers on buyers.

How many times have you been down a chimney and delivered a present only to be told by Johnny that he never got his present ? The next year his sister says she did not get hers ? Maybe it is just bad luck or maybe a untrustworthy address ? So the ability to block addresses would be a good idea. The same could apply to sellers who keep doing things wrong.

You could also make it mandatory that all sales require a signature upon delivery. That way buyers know where their goods are, and sellers know when the buyer has received them. Saves a lot of hassle for non delivery / not sent queries.

A variety of payment options is great for all, but if this selling platform has its own it should not be mandatory.

As we all know, especially you and your elves, great customer service is important. It would therefore be beneficial if the customer support people were buyers or sellers themselves and did not just have to read through a list with automated responses that are sometimes irrelevant and often irritating.

Also all sellers should offer good customer service. They should reply within a day, apart from at weekends, and should be penalised if they don't. This could be added to the feedback so buyers can make a better judgement.

A quality IT department who do not just roll out changes and updates when it suits them, especially at busy times of year, but consults buyers and sellers of all levels of experience to see if the changes are of benefit first.

Now I know all this will cost, so how about a fixed amount per item to list as well as a percentage when you sell. No discounts are allowed. That should level the playing fields a bit between busy sellers and those just starting out, and allow buyers to base their choice on price and feedback.

A good API is very important for letting sellers list all their stock, and makes it attractive and easier for them as well. I bet you have one for getting all your orders from different suppliers !

Now I know that this list is not perfect, and people will want to add their own ideas, but this is just a start and I hope you can help because people are becoming disillusioned with the current shopping channels.

If you feel that all this is too much for you, I would be more than happy this year to have a McLaren 650S Spider in Carbon Black with all the extras and have the shopping channel next year, but if the shopping channel can be sorted now I might be able to buy my own (or at least one windscreen wiper !).

Love to you and Mrs Christmas

Ian aged 48 and a bit

PS I have left carrots and milk for the reindeer. There is a mince pie for you but the wife drank the wine and I am about to start on the whisky. We don't do sherry, sorry !
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