Repricer Express a Nightmare

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Repricer Express a Nightmare
31 Dec 2014
I had to rate 1 star. The real review is ZERO STARS

Imagine your worst business nightmare. You have huge inventory for Christmas and a huge Inventory at Amazon FBA. Then all of your prices go to a penny online and customers start buying massive amounts of merchandise. That is exactly what happened to us. I got a frantic call while at lunch to come back to the office immediately as thousands of items were being ordered. Amazon shipped many of these orders via FBA. We are out huge money. We are US sellers but this also affected many UK sellers. Search google to see media reports of this issue. Amazon has told sellers that Repricer Express is fully responsible and they cannot help otherwise. Also Amazon bills sellers like myself thousands of dollars to pull and full these orders. Many customers tried to clean us out. A few weeks ago Repricer Express had a data failure which caused all my my products (thousands of skus) to be priced at one penny delivered. This affected mostly UK sellers but also a few hundred in the US. Amazon was unable to cancel all of these orders and we lost huge sums of money due to the shipping of expensive FBA items to ship at a penny. Buyers took huge advantage of this and many thought it was a great sale, insisting they are entitled for the products at a penny. This software caused items not managed by repriced Express to be changed without my authorization. To date as of 12/31/14 Repricer Express told sellers they were sorry. I suffered huge out of pocket losses. If this happened late at night it could have wiped out our entire business in peak Christmas season. We have a huge inventory at AMAZON FBA when this occurred. I urge anyone to google search articles about this and think whether you want to sign up with a company that caused their customers to suffer massive losses. This is not the end of the issue as sellers are planning a lawsuit against the company for damages. CEO of Repricer Express said they are sorry and they wish everyone the best.

Anyone considering this company should consider the facts.
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Re: Repricer Express a Nightmare
1 Jan 2015
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