Shipstation- The best Decision We have Made

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Shipstation- The best Decision We have Made
1 Jan 2015
We started with ShipStation a year ago. We get the volume savings on USPS shipments, and shipment plus order management. They upgraded the platform but still maintain two products the old interface, and the new interface. Things are evolving and they are constantly improving it. There are a few minor tweaks that I think should be implemented, however overall this is a great system. As you grow you can scale the service up or down, even seasonally as needed. This is a great option for sellers. It saves us a lot of time and still we have not implemented every level of order automation possible with it. Support vi chat is good but you need a higher volume plan to get online chat support. For the price and what it does, Ship Station is a great product. I think it is the best standalone product of is kind. I think more of the inventory management systems should just integrate with Shipstation and let them handle what they do best.
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