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Marketblast & desktop software
20 Jun 2006
Hi all...I have being usind timbercreeksoftware's Sold program but recently they have been not updating features as much and support has been spotty so I want to switch to something else.
I tried Blackthorne for a couple days but wow, gave me headaches. I have an inventory of over 1000 items and was looking at MarketBlast or Auction Wizard 2000...any users out there? what is best? are they buggy? I have emailed the guy in charge of auction wizard and he seems very dedicated to it for a time to come..what about Marketworks, will it be around for years ahead?
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Re: Marketblast & desktop software
24 Jun 2006
Hi, welcome to the forum

I don't think anyone can really know how long companies will be around... the best you can do is look at their track records and financials / press releases.

MarketBlast has just been acquired by Acclivity, the US reseller of accounting package MYOB. I won't speculate about Acclivity's plans or why 4D decided to sell, I'll leave that to your own imagination.

Marketworks are one of the largest auction management providers and have been around since 1999 (they used to be called Auctionworks). Their CEO position was vacant for a while last year, but they appear to be in good health now, and are expanding overseas.

Check out members' reviews of MarketBlast, Auction Wizard 2000, and Marketworks.
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