The program works but support is TERRIBLE

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The program works but support is TERRIBLE
6 Jan 2015
We have become very, very frustrated with the lack of support. Since Atandra began to charge for support on a monthly basis rather than an annual basis, it seems that tickets go unanswered for a long time. I have a ticket now that I've been waiting 2 months for. We had a problem crop up when our computer did an update from Win 8 to 8.1 That was 2.5 months ago. They did log into our computer and view the issue within a few days of the problem and they said they'd get back to us with an answer. That was October. This is January. About once a week I post again on the ticket, asking for a response, and there are none.

We are paying the required support on a monthly basis but getting nothing for our money. I am seriously looking for other options. We began with Thub back when our business was small and the support problems were not such a BIG deal. We've grown to the point where these order entry and shipping systems are CRITICAL. Obviously, Atandra is only suited to businesses so small that it doesn't matter if orders go out on time. VERY DISAPPOINTED. I will be opening a complaint with the BBB if I don't have a response this week.
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Re: The program works but support is TERRIBLE
4 Jan 2016
Could not agree more! worst support - they do not care about their customers only collecting their money...
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