Is it possible to replicate an In-Store Experience Online?

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Is it possible to replicate an In-Store Experience Online?
6 Jan 2015
Physical stores provide customers with a unique experience that allows them to embrace and connect to a brand, as well as engage with sales assistants who provide support and advice, encouraging and providing shoppers enthusiasm with their new purchases.

The industry is spending billions of dollars every year to improve User Experience Online, however this trial and error process is an extremely long term project, which if and when achieved, may indeed provide a smoother journey on your site, but will still not replace this unique In-Store Experience.

Furthermore, studies show that many consumers are researching online prior to deciding which physical store will provide them with the best products, pricing and overall brand experience.

Attempts have been made to provide online support using the traditional “chat platforms”, which have benefited with significant growth over the last few years. Initially this avenue was very appealing to both businesses and customers, but is recently losing its appeal mainly due to the challenge of resources which has led to a higher usage of automated messages and requests of leaving details, which in turn is creating an environment and customer feeling of talking to robots.

We can therefore make a logical deduction that taking experienced, helpful and friendly shop assistants and relocating them to websites where they can be visible and interact with visitors just as they do in shops, by using a live video chat platform, would be a massive leap forward in replicating the in-store experience online.

Once you succeed in replicating the shop experience to your online store, you will see an almost immediate boost to your conversion rates and an increase in your Average Order Value.

Customer satisfaction will have the WOW effect, which brings with it loyalty, return business, reduced bounce rate and referrals through friends and social network reviews.

In addition, by agents logging frequently asked questions, you will quickly be able to gain visibility to potential UX issues on your website.

This valuable information could not be discovered so quickly and accurately by expensive optimization tools, and once repaired will free your shop assistants to spend more time on what they are being paid to do!!
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Re: Is it possible to replicate an In-Store Experience Onlin
6 Jan 2015

Adding 3D photography can bring an online experience closer to the real thing:

Live chat also helps.
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Re: Is it possible to replicate an In-Store Experience Onlin
30 Jan 2015
Its definitely harder to make the shopping experience feel personal or special when your stores are online...but not impossible.

I've seen some really cool things done that add to the customer's experience and make them feel valued. Landing pages after purchases have been completed that thank the buyer in a way that's fun, cool, different or silly really adds to the strength of your brand, and makes the process more enjoyable. Shopify has some good tips and examples of this.

We wrote a blog recently on how to have stellar customer service when you're running an online business. It's definitely something businesses should plan for and figure out how to execute, since 68% of buyers stop supporting a company that they believe is indifferent towards them. Surely, everyone wants to avoid that! Blog is here, if anyone is interested to check it out.

Hope everyone is having a great 2015 so far.

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