Inventory, accounting, and tracking software for Amazon FBA?

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Inventory, accounting, and tracking software for Amazon FBA?
7 Jan 2015
We're currently using a patchwork method of tracking sales and it goes like this:

In one big excel workbook we have:
-A page dedicated to each item lot, listing the cost breakdown per item, the items purchased and what will later be the fees so we can calculate the lot's profit independent of the item specific profit. (A1.jpg)

-A page with daily sales, where we have to copy the fees from each sale (FROM A1.jpg) into the workbook page with the lot breakdowns and then copy that line item into the daily totals

-These are all linked into a summary page with net profit, fees, shipping, refunds, etc. (A3.jpg and A4.jpg). We use macros to link the values so any change on the daily totals page reflects in the monthly summary page (A4.jpg). We do NOT link the values from each cell in the lot to the daily totals, the formulas required tend to bog down excel and make it unmanageable in a single book.

Now we're doing 1000+ orders a month in FBA and copy/paste isn't effective. Now that we have 100s of items in stock at any time, when an item sells and we have to go find it in its respective lot, the task becomes really daunting when we have more than one in stock in varying conditions.

We like the features that StitchLabs and InventoryLab offer, where you can enter the item price when you list it. But we're unsure of how to handle supplier refunds (e.g.: item in lot arrives damaged and we receive a pro-rated refund). The problem also exists that this method ONLY allows us to enter items being sold on Amazon or listed somewhere and doesn't allow for any cash accounting or third party sales (craigslist, eBay, FTF, etc).

Most important things we need:

-Inventory management (if we can ID aging inventory - long term storage - that's a plus)
-Listing ability (currently use SellerEngine Pro)
-Create POs so we can organize items into their respective lots of track profit of both the individual item and the lot it was purchased with.
-Track sales, profit, loss, etc per item and preferably per lot also (as we currently do) so we still have an idea of how each type (auto/gen merch/sports) performs per its respective set of lots (POs).
-ASIN lookup feature is a huge plus

I'm sure I'm missing something here but that's the general idea. We need a good FBA based, MWS integrated solution that is web based and can handle our accounting and inventory management needs.

PS: One of the biggest problems I had was that initially I split cost evenly among lots (30 items, each 1/30 of the cost). Huge problem when buying lots with some rejects, unsellable, etc because while each item shows a hefty profit, the overall liability of the other 27 items is unaccounted for and the monthly profits were inflated because the liability of the unsold items wasn't accounted for. I fixed that by splitting the price among the most popular items (best 5 of 30 for example) and pricing the others at $0.01 or $0.00 so that regardless of when they sell, those less popular (or unsellable) items weren't skewing my numbers in my favor.

In some cases a lot with 30 items but 3 make up the bulk of the profit,.

Pictures of our current method (no upload option here):

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Re: Inventory, accounting, and tracking software for Amazon
27 Jan 2015
Hey NorthBay,

This is Jim with Skubana.

Sounds like quite a lot of work to stay on top of your business. Juggling a bunch of softwares together certainly takes up a lot of time and effort. I think I may be able to help you with a better solution for all of this. Something that doesn't require several pieces of software, when one will do the job of all of them.

If you're interested please feel free to message me, or even email if you prefer.

I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for posting.


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