How to overcome User Experience Issues

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How to overcome User Experience Issues
8 Jan 2015
A few weeks ago my teenage daughter asked me to help her find boots online. We spent an hour searching until she finally found a pair she liked. The checkout process requested my country, and even though I entered the US, the UK post code finder did not disappear. Entering my US post code generated a JS error which did not allow me to continue.
One tiny drop in a stormy ocean of User Experience issues on E-Commerce websites that are driving your customers to your competitors and preventing you from increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at the four main groups of solutions available in the digital ecosystem of User Experience Optimization.


Everyone uses analytics tools, however I would like to split these users into three groups.
1. Basic users – This group’s main use is around basic traffic statistics. They are totally up to date on their daily number of visitors and page views, and trying to get some understanding of their traffic sources. More than that is a total mystery to them
2. Advanced users – This group is up to speed with traffic sources and campaigns, and trying to tie this in with conversion rates. They keep looking at all the other features available but can only dream of actually using them.
3. Expert users – This minority group are well versed with event tagging, form analytics and custom variables and they will probably be getting some insights as to UX issues and optimization.

Voice of Customer

VOC tools are generally expensive and used mainly by the Fortune 500 companies.
The percentage of visitors who actually provide feedback is very low, and therefore will not give a true overall picture of UX issues.
In addition, as a stand-alone tool, businesses are struggling to understand which specific issue caused the customer to complain, as more often than not developers cannot simulate the specific user’s browser or operating system compatibility. In many other cases the complaint is attributed to the visitors’ misunderstanding or confusion on the web site.

A/B Testing

Due to the fact that some really cool tools are available at low prices, A/B Testing has become somewhat of a gadget and is real fun. However, the tests are performed without real prior knowledge of what to test on, but more on internal differences of opinion between web developers and office staff. In addition the results are often inconclusive and confusing.
The businesses that do serious testing have come to the conclusion that you can only really do one or two tests per release, after an in depth investigation and hypothesis process, making the optimization process extremely long term.

In-page Analytics

Watching a recording of a visitor navigating through your website is rather amazing and really is a WOW feature. However, how many recordings can you really watch?
Heat mapping tools are exciting and available at very low prices and have become very popular, but from my experience in order to gain actionable insights from them you would require professional analysis and consultancy, making the cost not viable for the majority of businesses.

My Rationale and Summary

To be fair to all the above great tools, by using a combination of technologies, it is possible to discover, fix and optimize a website. The challenge being the Total Cost of Ownership of purchasing and managing the different solutions which in most cases do not integrate with each other.
However, imagine the power of being able to get first-hand information from your visitors whilst they are experiencing the issue. Imagine being able to feel a real vibe of what is happening on your website, just like you would by walking around a physical store.

This is why Live Video Support on a website is the best solution for gaining visibility to the stumbling blocks that are driving your visitors away from your web site.

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Re: How to overcome User Experience Issues
27 Jan 2015
Accordingly to me, it's also interesting to automate some unit testing.
Most the sellers forget that a small modification in their preferences/code/modules/... might have a large impact on their checkout.

In every big developement company, they have unit testing running after each deploy. They also have website monitoring and complex scenario to test if the website is up and functionnalities running.

I have no solution yet, but i think that it would be interesting for big open-source plateform to have such automated testing. There is nothing worse than having a bug in your checkout.

In your specific case, the ower should build a couple of different scenarios to manage the complexity of the zipcodes over the world.