Any US Sellers selling on Amazon UK / Europe?

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Any US Sellers selling on Amazon UK / Europe?
11 Jan 2015
I've been "invited" by Amazon several times over the last few months to expand my business and sell in the European market. I finally started attempting to do this and it seems like I cannot get through it.

1. According to documentation, US bank accounts are ok to sell on However, there is no facility for adding this in when Amazon requests banking information.

2. ID requirements - no US drivers license. Asks for Passport. Many people (myself included) do not have passports.

Has anyone had experience in the US with getting alternative answers? I keep getting nonsense from the Amazon teams on these questions.
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Re: Any US Sellers selling on Amazon UK / Europe?
22 Jan 2015
I am in the same boat as you. After the 500 invites I finally took the plunge.

Now they want passport, ID, drivers license, corporate registration, etc.

The only thing they haven't ask for is my birth certificate.

I am still waiting for another document approval from them but has been over 1 weeks since I sign up.

I did signup to Canada and I am up and running already.

Unfortunately there is not much business there.
Max Meadows, VA United States
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Re: Any US Sellers selling on Amazon UK / Europe?
22 Jan 2015

I ran into another snag too. They require you to include customs fees in your price. Apparently, that is impossible to do unless you do FBA. I refuse to do FBA, especially overseas. I checked with the post office as well as my mail consolidator and none of them can do it.
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Re: Any US Sellers selling on Amazon UK / Europe?
27 Mar 2015
Apologies for adding to this so late but I just spotted that SellerEngine say they can help with opening international Amazon accounts:

Might be worth a try?
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Re: Any US Sellers selling on Amazon UK / Europe?
1 Apr 2015
@Jax Music Supply

The reason for the extra security and paperwork is to protect you and your business. Plus at thesame time make sure that you are the person that you say you are when you are doing business in the Amazon uk mktplace.

You will need to use Amazon to make the conversion for you when you the money comes to your bank acct. the cost is 3.75% or you can have World First bank do the conversions for you. They charge 1.75%.

You will need the passport and the additional paperwork that they are asking for per the Amazon uk.

There are no way around it.


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Getting traction in UK, but integration is a problem
13 Oct 2015
It took me about 4-5 months of intermittent effort to get up and running on Amazon Europe, and though I am still struggling with French and German marketplaces, is finally starting to get some traction.

The setup process is, as attested by others, long and arduous. There is no piece of paperwork considered too petty to require. I made the blunder of not including my middle name on my application and had to start over (middle name is on my passport, so it didn't match). I could go on and on, but I finally got a few shipments into the UK warehouse, which itself was problematic, and now I'm up and running.

As to importing shipments, I've been importing into the US for decades, so I am familiar with the normal problems of international shipping and local Customs agencies. My problems in the UK were really about the same as problems I still have here. The difference is that it's harder to straighten them out in a far-off time zone.

We are definitely starting to get worthwhile sales in the UK market. It took about a month to start getting momentum, but now we are knocking out some sales every day and our traffic is increasing.

The problem is the integration with Germany and France. The integration is sketchy and prone to breakage. Documentation does not prevent you from making mistakes, and things can change overnight even without you doing anything. I am accustomed to the comparatively robust Amazon Europe has proved to be a huge time-waster.

First, Amazon will translate your listings for a stiff fee, but, in their infinite wisdom, they DO NOT translate the search terms and bullet points, so you immediately have to have these translated by someone else and uploaded into your listings. When you do this, you discover that if you have changed the price or quantity, it breaks the synchronization with the source marketplace (UK in my case) and then you have nothing. I probably spent 12-14 hours of my own time (plus alot of contractor time) trying to get Germany back on line, and my sales and traffic have never recovered. I am still waiting for traffic to increase after the hit it took in the multiple purges and re-synchronizations required to get it up and running again. Even when you do everything right, it will not necessarily work. is dead in the water: I just don't have the stamina to get it going after my demoralizing experience with .de. I will get around to it, but how much punishment can I take? The translation element adds an extra layer of work.

On the plus side, Feedback Genius is now integrated with Amazon Europe, so there's a great tool you can use to solicit feedback. We just copied and pasted our solicitations from the .com template to a new .uk template.

So, all in all, Amazon Europe is still a critical part of my quest for global domination (irony) but don't be fooled by the seamless integration Amazon promises. You will spend lots of time trying to make this work.

The other thing is that, in Amazon fashion, there are a host of little charges so that the money you receive will ultimately be a greatly reduced fraction of your top-end sales. I just read about the 3.75% currency fee. What a scam! I will explore WorldFirst.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would be happy to hear them.

Good luck to all!


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