Outstanding software! An absolute Godsend!!!

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Outstanding software! An absolute Godsend!!!
21 Jan 2015
Ecomdash packs in SO much of what I need to help run my small business. I thank God that I found it when I did. It helps me with sending my dropship orders to the right vendors, with emailing thank you notes to my customers, with updating inventory so I don't oversell, and then some! All in a magical little package that I can actually afford! I searched and searched for something that could do what ecomdash could, and anything else I found that came close was far out of my price-range with "used car salespersons" who would talk my ear off but never be anything I could justify paying so much for.

I had a terrible employee quit on me just before the holidays, and ecomdash really helped take a huge load off of my shoulders while I had to take on a larger workload. I recommend it to anyone! It does so much for me, I cannot begin to say how much I love it!

Their staff has always been VERY fast to help address any problems or new feature requests I've come up with (and trust me, I've bugged them a lot)! There have been so many wonderful additions to what their software can do since I started using them mid-2014. I only wish I found them sooner! Very happy, long-term customer right here!

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