Introducing Cooqy Lite, optimized for dial-up

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Introducing Cooqy Lite, optimized for dial-up
21 Jun 2006
Cooqy (, the first Web 2.0 eBay search engine, has released Cooqy Lite, a smaller and optimized version especially for dial-up users. Cooqy Lite provides faster surfing of eBay auctions than eBay's own HTML website, due to greatly reduced data volumes.

100 search results on eBay without images requires over 500KB of data, while the same search results in Cooqy Lite only requires 30KB. A single item detail page on eBay typically weighs in over 100KB without images, while the same item can be displayed in Cooqy Lite with only 2KB, a 50x reduction. Typical speed improvements with Cooqy Lite range from 2x-10x faster, due to a number of factors that primarily include the latency of eBay's web services.

The Cooqy Lite runtime must first be installed, which is about 40% smaller than eBay USA's home page. Once installed, Cooqy Lite starts immediately upon subsequent sessions, unless program updates have been made available. Cooqy Lite runs well on a 1.5GHz machine with 256MB RAM, but even slower CPU's are fine.

Besides the performance improvements, Cooqy Lite also offers great Web 2.0 features for eBay surfing, including animated item views, photo magnifiers, community tagging and chat, plus much more.

Cooqy Lite is free and supports eBay USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and India.

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