Terapeak, what else can it be used for?

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Terapeak, what else can it be used for?
21 Jan 2015
Ok, so i have an ebay shop that specialises in a certain item, so i know i can use Terapeak to see what sells well. But what else can i do with it? Information seems a bit lacking on their website as they are too busy trying to sign people up. So i will list a few questions, hopefully someone can help.

Can i export the data i retrieve to my computer so i can use it offline? (for stock buying purposes).

Can i use any of the data i have researched to say write a price guide? (i have looked at terms and it seems to be a bit unclear to me whether i can use the data for other things).

Can i do a search of items alphabetically? (It would save time of researching every individual item in category)

Hope someone can help and give me some guidance.
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Re: Terapeak, what else can it be used for?
27 Jan 2015
hi @Dandavis267

i can help you with 2 questions.

No, you can't export. All new accounts (since the new pricing) are not allowed to connect to the API. And thus, no export can't be made.

You can use the data, as long as you mention the source (terrapeak) and how the data where computed (which period, keywords, etc.). What you can't do, is to show for a big set of keywords all the data gathered from terrapeak without their approval.

hope this helps :p

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