Great Re-Pricing Service for Sellers on Amazon!

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Great Re-Pricing Service for Sellers on Amazon!
26 Jan 2015
We have used Feedvisor for over 19 months. More than a "regular" rules-based re-pricer for Amazon sellers, Feedvisor focuses on the best output (optimal price) instead of a complex web of rules (some of which may work and some may not).

We really appreciate Feedvisor's efforts to optimize prices through balancing price with buy box percentage to improve sales and profitability. We have seen our prices maximized to the extent possible while maintaining reasonable buy box share. Due to these efforts, we believe that FeedVisor's value-added greatly surpasses its service fee. The service has been very reliable and significant effort is put into working with customers to ensure success. FeedVisor works with clients to provide new improvements to its software to stay ahead of the competition.

We do not have any reservation in recommending FeedVisor as a company to partner with.
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