Software for Established Business starting on eBay

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Software for Established Business starting on eBay
25 Jun 2006
I am currently going through the reviews etc. on this site. Amount of information is overwelhming, and so figured I would post a question for perhaps on true hands on experience, since I come from a slightly different viewpoint that many.

First some backgroud. We build high end Western Red Cedar lawn furniture. Our general sales streams are home shows, craft shows, word of mouth, consigment, and wholesale.

We have our own website/ecommerce site, I have a technical background so issues of html design etc. is not why I am looking for eBay software.

We have are now making several smaller ($ wise under $20) products that are more or less by products of our furniture in a hopes to increase sales, offset wood cost, and provide ability to cross market. These products include cedar shaving sachets, grilling/baking planks, and cedar closet hang ups. None are currently on the website, but will be soon.

Finally on to the question. We are looking to sell these smaller items on ebay for not only the obvious increase revenue but in hopes to expose our furniture to new markets as well. Research on ebay tells us selling our furnitur directly on ebay probably would not work out well.

So I'm looking for software that will make listing/managing these products easy. I don't need fancy inventory functions etc. And of course I need a way to intergrate or somehow involve our website/store into the mix to expose our furniture to buyers/lookers etc.

Most software I've looked at so far has been on one exterme or the other. Written for power sellers selling 1000's of items on ebay and needing a full business management system.

Or written for home sellers with no technical knowlege, low volume sales, etc.

I am somewhere in the middle. It will never be high volume (thats not the goal) but I need something that has sometype of integration back to my store, makes listing management easy (my time needs to be spent building selling furniture not small items) And isn't priced for the high volume seller!

Thanks for any input.

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Re: Software for Esblsh Buss. wanting to sell via
26 Jun 2006
Hi, and welcome

It looks like you made a typo in your website URL... is this you: ?

I like your strategy by the way, I agree that you are unlikely to sell your high-end products on eBay but as a marketing tool it could work for you.

I think your observation about two very different markets is broadly right. Most products that started as amateur tools haven't been able to move into the SME market (and perhaps don't want to), and those that have have re-positioned themselves at the top end of the market. There isn't much left in between.

A product that could suit you is MarketBlast, it's low-cost but is customizable and has a good depth of features. It can be difficult to configure but with your technical background that might not be a problem.

PS. I've edited the subject to make it clear what the topic is about

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Re: Software for Established Business starting on
26 Jun 2006
Thanks Andy for input Andy and catch on the typo, yes it is told you I was overwhelmed

Market Blast is on my short list to take a better look at.

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