Should You Offer Free Shipping?

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Should You Offer Free Shipping?
11 Feb 2015
A recent post we did looks at various sources, such as the 2014 Home Delivery Survey, to assess whether you should offer free shipping on your online store:

Any thoughts/feedback are welcome.
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Re: Should You Offer Free Shipping?
13 Feb 2015
Free shipping works for us, we offer it across all platforms.

We did some comparison listings on eBay recently, and free shipping sales outweighed additional shipping cost sales by 3:1.

When we went from an additional cost for shipping to free shipping on Amazon, our sales increased by 10% even though the goods were selling for the same overall price.

We now clearly display 'free shipping' on our website home page so the customer knows there are no hidden costs, and this has resulted in fewer abandoned checkouts compared to when shipping was extra.

Some say that by including the shipping cost in each individual item you lose customers buying multiple items due to the included shipping cost in each item. This has not affected us at all.
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Re: Should You Offer Free Shipping?
17 Feb 2015
Free shipping is an excellent incentive for any customer to complete a purchase.

As an eCommerce if you're looking to avoid a high abandon cart rate do your best to factor in free shipping to your pricing. Those two simple words will do wonders for your site and the increase in sales. 'Free Shipping'

No customer wants to add an item to their cart, go through the process of purchasing and then get hit with shipping costs. They'll be hitting that X button quicker than you think.

Do your best as an eCommerce to make the buying process as easy as possible for your customers.

Your end of the month numbers will thank you.

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Re: Should You Offer Free Shipping?
18 Feb 2015
Insightful data @Parcelhub! We have seen some of the largest eCommerce businesses which grew fast provide Free Shipping with a rider - Minimum Purchase worth $N

This way, you provide a reward/benefit to your best customers. It even becomes a conversion hack. Customers would often buy some accessories to go with the main product to cross the Free Shipping bar and hence a Win-win.

We would strongly recommend having either Free Shipping coupons which talk about the minimum purchase. or make it a standard practice and make it prominent in your website that you provide free shipping of any order amount above lets say $150 as an example.

Here's an example from Bolder Band, a multi million dollar store which launched in late 2013

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