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Insightful Software
12 Feb 2015
Feedvisor does a good job of dynamic repricing of our Amazon product listings. Their team understands Amazon's buy box algorithm well and cater's their software to optimizing the buy box percentage, revenue, and profit of your listed products.

In addition, their customer service is great as exemplified by their interest in having regular one on one conversations with you and asking for input on future concepts and developments. Whenever I have had a question, my rep generally emails me back within a day.

The thing I probably like best about Feedvisor is the vast amount of data they collect which I have access to via their interface and via custom reports I can request from my product rep. These are invaluable and provide insights I would never be able to glean on my own. The extreme amount of data they collect and their ability to cater this data to our specific needs have provided a significant boost in our sales and operational abilities.

I would recommend Feedvisor to any FBA sellers on Amazon that can afford it and are serious about optimizing their sales performance.
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