Superb Repricer, with Amazing Personal Service

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Superb Repricer, with Amazing Personal Service
12 Feb 2015
Feedvisor is hands down the best repricer on the market, they actually reprice based on getting you the most of the buy box at the highest possible price. Most repricers just lower your price until you are the lowest on the page, and eventually you will win the buy box, but that will just create price wars, and you will end up selling at the floor most of the time. Feedvisor however uses an algorithm that calculates multiple different factors, including shipping times, feedback, fulfillment method etc, to figure out how to get you the most buy box share, and most of the time that does not require you to be at your floor price. So if your competition has less ratings, or a longer lead time than you, Feedvisor will figure out that even if you are a certain percentage more expensive than your competition that you will still win the buy box, and you will end up making a lot more money winning the buy box at the higher price that they calculated. Their dashboard is also amazing, it gives you a really clear picture of your profits, items that need to be restocked, items that you have overstocked, items that you are losing money on etc.

The best part however is the service. It is so good to be able to speak to the same person every time you need anything, and that they actually know what they are talking about. Leemore is our account specialist, and she freakin amazing. She is smart, responsive and very witty to boot, making it a real pleasure to speak to her, and do business with Feedvisor.
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