Skubana. Providing eCommerce insights and solutions.

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Skubana. Providing eCommerce insights and solutions.
13 Feb 2015
Hey WebRetailer Community! This is Jim with Skubana,

I wanted to introduce myself and say that I'm happy to be on WebRetailer. I'm looking to help provide insights and solutions for any eCommerce professionals who are struggling with multiple sales channels and organizing inventory that never seems to be synced.

Skubana is an all in one cloud-based software providing solutions for eCommerce sellers. Here are some features that would help your business.

- Order Management, supporting in-house fulfillment, 3PL, drop shipping and multi-channel synchronization.

- Automate your business processes, through the use of 'Orderbots', which can be tailored to fit your business needs. Such as order reviews, shipping rules and instructions, automating tagging and managing multiple warehouses.

- True Multi-Channel Inventory Management, including kits/bundles. Your inventory is synced in real time, all the time across all of your sales channels. Never under or oversell again.

- Inventory is pushed directly out to your channels, giving you a full range of replenishment alerts (even for FBA) and setting pick locations.

- Out-of-the-box ready platform, for a low cost that doesn't require hours upon hours of tech support to set up.

- Focus on growing your business and not worry about overselling/underselling across multiple marketplaces.

If anyone has any questions about their eCommerce, or is just looking for some guidance please feel free to contact me direct and I'd be happy to help!

We're also signing up beta-testers. For more information please visit us at

Looking forward to talking to you out there.

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