Vendio Lack of Support for Unsatisfactory Transactions

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Vendio Lack of Support for Unsatisfactory Transactions
15 Feb 2015
Do not do business with any seller using Vendio as their retail platform. I ordered a textbook through Scholarsmate/Textbookbros and received the wrong book at a lower price than I was charged. After unsuccessful attempts to contact the sellers, I tried to resolve the issue through Vendio. The response through their customer support representative Sharma Lexman was "We are not able to provide you with the support you need since we are a third-party service provider and are not directly involved with any eBay transactions. Please contact the seller directly regarding this issue." I explained in a second message that I had tried to contact the seller and I was going to contact the BBB about the situation. Here is the response in addition to them repeating what they had said earlier: "You might consider filing a Better Business Bureau complaint to inform other buyers about your experience. Be sure to file the complaint against the specific vendor, naming the store and providing the store URL, so that other potential buyers will be able to find the complaint."

It is obvious that this company does not fully read complaints and are only following a script. I am in the process of disputing the transaction with PayPal Credit and will be reporting both the seller and Vendio to the BBB. This is an unsatisfactory way to deal with customer complaints against the businesses they are hosting. I'm sure that this is some form of service agreement that their businesses have to abide by and they are ignoring the fact that a business has engaged in a transaction that could be considered fraud.

Buyer beware of Vendio.

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Re: Lack of Support for Unsatisfactory Transactions
16 Feb 2015

You are blaming Vendio for a bad transaction. Vendio provides tools for sellers, not items and is not a marketplace (such as eBay or Amazon). Your issue is with the seller, not Vendio. If your mechanic screws up your car, do you blame the wrench?

If you have an issue with the transaction, you have lots of ways to resolve it. Vendio is not who you should be contacting. 1. Contact the seller. Give a reasonable time to respond (2 days, max, maybe 3 if it is a holiday weekend such as this weekend in the US). 2. If you used your credit card, you can contact the issuing bank to file a chargeback. You will get your money back. 3. If used Paypal the same thing happens as a chargeback on the bank. 4. If you purchased through eBay or Amazon, both of these marketplaces have resolution processes for resolving complaints.
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Re: Vendio Lack of Support for Unsatisfactory Transactions
17 Feb 2015
This has nothing to do with Vendio and how this post was even allowed is beyond me.
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Re: Vendio Lack of Support for Unsatisfactory Transactions
17 Feb 2015

Keifer27 wrote:

This has nothing to do with Vendio and how this post was even allowed is beyond me.
Hi there, thanks for your post.

Any discussions relevant to selling online are allowed. In fact, I think this is a good topic to raise. It's quite common that people misunderstand who is responsible for a transaction and what their options are to resolve problems.

In this particular case, we don't know what channel was used to place the order. It might in fact be Vendio's own stores platform (yes, they do have one!) in which case it's more of a grey area if there's any recourse to Vendio themselves.
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