Your website needs live support, who's going to staff it?

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Your website needs live support, who's going to staff it?
17 Feb 2015
In the past few years, live chat has become an almost integral part of customer service and ecommerce in general. Customers have learned the benefits of live chat and are beginning to demand to see it on every ecommerce website. But honestly, who can blame them? Live chat has proven to provide efficient and quick service. With live chat, customers receive a friendly and helpful service, and a variety of channels through which they can speak to a customer service representative. However, once you display your customers with the option of live chat, they expect to get an answer to their problem or question in less than a minute. This means that having live chat comes with a great responsibility.

Another problem many ecommerce websites experience with live chat is the difficulty in finding the right people to operate the platform. Many companies offer the technology, which is great, but the real problem is finding the people that will do the actual talking, helping, and selling - the people that will eventually be the face of your business. Finding sales associates that have the necessary experience and qualification and most importantly, that you can trust, can be a challenging and costly process.

That’s exactly the reason I want to introduce a solution I believe will be perfect for everyone experiencing these kinds of difficulties. Proonto, is 2 years old startup company and is the first online marketplace that connects ecommerce websites and online sales experts, enabling a fully featured collaborative live support platform. Proonto helps ecommerce businesses to increase revenues from their existing website traffic by enabling them to outsource their live support.

With Proonto, ecommerce businesses can instantly staff their websites with qualified and experienced sales agents who will then use the Proonto live support platform which includes live chat, video call, email and phone in order to converse with website visitors and help them complete a successful purchase. Proonto’s solution is combined of an advanced live support technology and a community of qualified sales agents. They recruit agents from around the world and from different fields of expertise. In the Proonto marketplace, you will be able to see a variety of agents, with different backgrounds and experience, which gives you an opportunity to choose an agent that fits your business profile and needs.
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