Good features, but very clunky

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Good features, but very clunky
19 Feb 2015
I get the feeling that BQool is a product that has a part-time programmer managing it. Customer service seems to only respond late at night, and the answers they offer are sketchy. I've been using bqool for about six weeks and have had a lot of difficulty getting it to work for me. There is no video support, their help is weak, and the product could use some tweaks. For example, my sixty unread messages are all cryptic messages telling me that I need to set a rule for an ASIN. And that's it. So the "messages" are actually a subject line, with no ability to click for more information.

Plus, there's no way to manually change repricing on an individual SKU basis. Actually there is, if you don't mind the program asking you to confirm each change on a cell by cell basis. "Are you sure you want to change the cost?" "Are you sure you want to change the rule?" It's a maddening user experience.

Support told me to upload a spreadsheet of my products using their text delimited spreadsheet template, also difficult to use. I would rather handle each product individually. But I can't. The user experience sucks.

Pros - Rich feature set, ability to change repricing rules in lots of ways, and inexpensive pricing. They also take nice screen shots of a few areas of the software, which helps in getting started on those areas.
Cons - Hard to use, clunky interface, LOTS of room for improvement.

Recommendation: Stay away from this product. It's low cost, but you will pay for it in the end. There is some potential here. I haven't completely given up on this software, but I wish it was easier to use.
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Re: Good features, but very clunky
9 Apr 2015

No offense, but this software was VERY easy to figure out and set up that anyone with little experience could get things moving in 20 min, if that. Everything worked great for me and who cares what time the customer service replied as long as they DID reply in a timely manner... I got a response to every question in less than 24hrs and a couple of times I even spoke with them on the phone as I asked if they could call me. It seems that if you had it for 6 weeks and couldn't figure it out than perhaps making money online isn't for you. I'm not trying to be mean it's just that this is a very fast paced environment and 6 weeks without learning the functions of something this simple isn't going to cut it! Anyway, good luck in your journey buddy. You'll learn faster the longer you've been in this game, it's inevitable for longevity.
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