Fraud-reporting websites that work?

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Fraud-reporting websites that work?
9 Jul 2006
I was looking for sites to report blatant fraud and other crimes on

* itself provides a contact us link for fraudulent listings
but has been found to be non-responsive in most cases, and one cannot report the actual seller only each listing.

* claims to be a fraud reporting service but it fails due to Ebay changing the item number length to 12 digits.

* has links to report UK employers that are not-registered for tax,
but they do not seem to fit the case of a fraudster.

* has a set of links for reporting certain crimes
such as counterfeit goods, customs and excise (many foreign ebayers openly claim to evade these taxes).
Some report links work, but silently so I have no idea if anything has been reported.
The General Crimes report form simply fails with a bad referrer error.
I have reported this to .

Does anyone have any better fraud-reporting sites?
please, no links to pay-for-reporting scams, I've seen enough of those.

Edited by me 11 July: bidfraud now handles 12 digit codes and reports can now be made; their admin responded to email query. However bidfraud lacks powerful search and summaries to be useful as a warning to others (my opinion only of course).

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Re: Fraud-reporting websites that work?
10 Jul 2006
Hi Bennny,

Thanks for bringing up this important subject, and for your reviews and corrections.

I'd be interested to hear some opinions on this subject.
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