pleasure to review feedvisor as they are the best

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pleasure to review feedvisor as they are the best
19 Feb 2015
easy 5 star review:

software/ end results
customer service
ease of use
available data

all of the above key features are very very good.

we were unsure to use a repricer but then as our competition was using it against us, we decided to fight back, we have fought back very hard and we have seen many good results. Ideally we would not be selling the same items as many others, we would be unique and this is ultimately the course we are going on, but for now, we know we can fight back against increasingly aggresive competition whilst still protecting our nett profit and maintaining a healthy share of the buy box.

it is all about nett profit (not revenue or gross profit) and fast turnover of stock, Feedvisor gives this information and it actually pushes prices up (whilst not ripping off the buyers providing you enter fair ceiling prices) so overall it is a positive repricer for everyone involved.
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