We're very pleased with Appeagle after 26 months of use.

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We're very pleased with Appeagle after 26 months of use.
19 Feb 2015
We started using Appeagle to handle our repricing on Amazon.com in November 2012 via a 30 day free trial. Overnight, we saw the value of their system and around the 28th day, signed up for paid service. We started at 5,000 skus with hourly repricing and eventually moved up to continuous repricing and later expanded to 10,000 skus and later 20,000 skus. During June 2013, we added Amazon.ca as our second marketplace. It makes our price control extremely easy and simple price changes are made in seconds. When a manufacturer raises our costs, it is simply a matter of using that data to revise our minimum and maximum prices via a quick upload. We export our uploads from Filemaker Pro software in the correct format. We are currently working on adding eBay to our marketplaces.

Help, when needed, has been easy to obtain from our Appeagle contact and we are currently testing their beta release for them. We've never had a bad experience using their system and recommend it highly!
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