How to beat Chinese Seller on eBay or Amazon?

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How to beat Chinese Seller on eBay or Amazon?
20 Feb 2015
As 2015 has started everyone focusing on new opportunity to make this year better and better in compare to 2014 but if we talk about 2 major sale channels eBay and Amazon

US Seller are currently facing very challenging to compete the chines sellers on eBay and Amazon now a day it become very hard to them maintain their business on this platforms

if we say that US Seller are struggling to fetch high volume sale on this Platform than there is nothing wrong

Please give your suggestion on this because as every US Seller i am also having same issue on eBay and Amazon

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Re: How to beat Chinese Seller on eBay or Amazon?
20 Feb 2015
I tried selling on eBay and eBay was my first issue but the China market calling everything Vintage was a hinder when it came to my searches. Not only did they call their items Vintage but they would purchase multi-listings for one item so it would go into several different categories. I am selling on Etsy now for more than 6 years and it's even worse. They are a handmade market with Vintage. I used to be a handmade Artisan of jewelry but switched over to my second love, vintage. China will refer to their unbelievable and cheap made (I mean cheap when referring to what they pay their workers) for elaborate wedding gowns and simple jewelry pieces. If you were to scan back to see the full picture you would see a factory of people making these items "by hand." Isn't that Ironic? He problem is, Etsy would have to prove they are not a factory but yet a small business truly making items by hand. It will never be stopped as far as I can see. Oh, to twist the knife, there are Chinese companies that have actually used other Artists photos and advertised the product as one of their own. It's madness!!!!
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Re: How to beat Chinese Seller on eBay or Amazon?
20 Feb 2015
Great question and there are no easy answers.

One method our clients in the automotive aftermarket use is to have better product content and data. Better data means your listings will be found much more easily by shoppers. Comply with Amazon and eBay data requirements and taxonomy as best as you can.

In our case, "data" includes things unique to the aftermarket such as year, make, model, submodel, materials and so on, but this could have applications for other sellers that sell technical products.

Content and data, including complete and accurate product descriptions using proper grammar and spelling, also means the shopper will be more confident in making a purchase. Clear photography also helps.

If you have complete product data it also opens up other selling options outside of Amazon and eBay such as Google Shopping via Product Listing Ads (PLAs). These are efficient and in many cases convert at a higher ROI.

This is a great question and I'm curious about other methods sellers have used.

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