Xsellco Fusion - You Can't Get Any Better Than This

A review of xSellco Helpdesk by Sam Whiten
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Xsellco Fusion - You Can't Get Any Better Than This
2 Mar 2015
I've switched to xSellco Fusion a couple of months ago from a competitor, and I never looked back. In the contrary, I'm only looking forward.

XSellco is an incredible, forward-looking, innovative team, with one goal in mind, making our tedious, wearisome job as easy and efficient as possible. And they're great at it. From the neat, clean and beautiful UI to the simply amazing UX. I've come a long way from answering tickets as a chore I dreaded to a chore I love, it has come from taking a couple of minutes for a basic case, to mere seconds. I haven't done the math, but I'm sure it saved me countless of hours in total. When opening a ticket, I have all the info I need to jump right in, and when I do the jumping I feel like I land in a cozy and comfortable environment. Of course, dealing with clients has its challenges and the occasional heartache, but at least I know that the service I'm using isn't part of the problem, to the contrary, it's part of the solution.

Some details, if you care:

From "Tags" that can automatically put variable information in predefined templates or in the body of the email while typing, like the customer's name, shipping address, order number, etc. To "Smart Tags" that places predefined text (words, sentences, and even entire paragraphs) that you use often (like "I'm sending you a replacement ASAP", etc.) in the body of the message with a couple of keystrokes. To the sidebar filled with all information you'll need in order to provide to best and fastest support for an anxious buyer: name, phone number, address, (even a link that opens to their address in Google Maps!), marketplace item was purchased at, a direct link to the order in its respective marketplace, the order total, and the time and date the order was placed, payment was received, payment accepted, and more.

The main messages page provides a useful overview of all open messages with a 24 hour countdown bar on each message. Messages can be assigned to other agents to answer, and 've set that all outgoing messages should also be sent to my email address for future reference. Xsellco even imports negative feedbacks you can work on, and then automatically removes it once it has been removed on the marketplace.

There's still lots more that they have to offer, which I haven't tried yet, like auto responder and delivery times, but glancing at their settings page, they look very tempting.

I'd like to finish with one major thing they provide over any other company I've dealt with:

An extraordinary responsive customer service, I've witnessed first-hand incredible and dedicated agents that will do anything to make you happy and your job easier. I've personally provided many feature suggestions and enhancements and I was pleasantly surprised to see most of those pop up over time. I remember asking if they can add an order ID tag that'll automatically add the current ID to the message (useful for creating links to pages on the marketplace that is specific to this order, like returns, etc.), and a couple of days later I somehow noticed it was added! And this is only one of many.

All in all, I can't recommend XSellco Fusion enough for your day-to-day buyer-seller communications. You'll never regret it.
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