Great potential but nothing beyond that

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Great potential but nothing beyond that
19 Mar 2015
We began using Solid Commerce 7 months ago and have not had a good experience. The program was born out of helping manufacturers to liquidate overstocks through online channels, offering it to merchants was not its intended design we were told. That genesis is the primary reason that the program is not intuitive to users; it wasn't designed for us.

Many of the programs pieces do work but for seemingly random reasons, very many do not...and no one at the company has any explanation. If you are relying on this to sell products across multiple channels the trust in the service needs to be very high. Solid Commerce isn't even close in our experience.

Most frustrating is that their "Support" team consists of a few front line people who are unable to answer concerns. They pass them on to an expert for "further review". Response times are days or weeks, not hours. The second level support team as far as we can tell consists of 1 guy and he is seriously overwhelmed. We have had several of our issues "referred on to development" which we believe is code for "we have no idea how to handle this so we're going to sweep it under the rug and forget about it". Since the company wrote the program you would think their responses should be timely and accurate. Maybe we have outlier issues because we sell clothing and all of our products have parent-child relationships and color/size variations; we can't figure it out.

Appeals to upper management fall on deaf ears.

If they hire more (and more program specific educated) support people and fix the problem of employees leaving (both our sales person and our training specialist have left the company already) and they re-write the program to be user friendly then they may be a great choice for multi-channel management software. But if management doesn't respond to customers concerns then it's unlikely for any of that to happen.

As with all SaaS's like this, once you decide to use them your relationship is symbiotic. If they don't perform as advertised then you're stuck and have to make a decision that you hoped you wouldn't have to make.

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Re: Great potential but nothing beyond that
17 Jul 2015
@ScoreBig 100% on everything you have said. I started Solid Commerce a few years ago where I had a personal rep, one message on skype & the problem is resolved or a meeting is set up within the next few hours.

Then she left, and the company changed it's direction completely.

No support, no help, and they require you to pay for almost everything. I set up my Shopify account with their support page, and they still want $400 to integrate what I have already integrated.

would never recommend this to anyone else. EVER. Save yourself.

Upper management is worse then their regular team. Never have issues resolved, they always get put into "tier 3" and never get resolved. Ha.

Glad you're not the only one. Now what is an alternative to leave??
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