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worst image loader
20 Mar 2015

Recently Acutiva changed the program that uploads photos to the listing being created. Use to be real simple click on empty photo square, up pops the loader , select which folder you want to load from, all the photos pull across, pick the ones you want to load and press the upload icon on the screen - simple stuff.

Now some mastermind computer whiz has created the ultimate nightmare to upload photos. Most of the time, while trying to upload photos - the screen freezes and you must back out and start again. After several phone calls voicing complaint, I was told to empty my "cache" in the browser, uninstall and reinstall my web browser, close all windows except Auctiva and then try again.

Guess what - this extremely large pile of **** - still does not work.

Buyer BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would have left a 0 for review - but it would not let me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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