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A review of CommerceHub DemandStream by Thomas Bailey
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Thomas Bailey
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Mercent Repricer
25 Mar 2015

I've been using Mercent for a little over 6 months now and I couldn't be more pleased. The template for product uploads (as far as the repricer) is very simple and straight forward. As soon as I started using Mercent I was able to upload and get things started with a firm understanding of how it worked on the first day. It is EXTREMELY useful for matching or beating competitor prices on Amazon and other channels. The customer service is also very nice and convenient. They put me in contact with a rep there and I've only used him to help fix my problems since then. It's nice to go back to the same guy every time with an issue who understands what you're trying to do; with knowledge of the best way to explain something to you, instead of getting a different person every time. All-in-all I give Mercent a 9/10. Very suggested if you want a trustworthy repricer.

Tommy Bailey
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Thomas Bailey
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