The Do’s and Don’ts when taking photos of eBay items

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The Do’s and Don’ts when taking photos of eBay items
31 Mar 2015
One of the best selling practices that we have shared with you in previous articles was how to take good pictures of the items you are listing. Today we would like to take a quick dive back into this topic and help you understand exactly what constitutes a good photo when it comes to selling your items on eBay. For this reason we asked Mark Watkins of Designer Skins Ltd – an experienced eBay seller who sells his inventory overseas with the help of WebInterpret – to share some of his insights into creating perfect pictures that help customers fall in love with the product.
Avoid Distractions

The photos you take in order to sell your products, especially the gallery photo which appears in the search results, have to grab your customers attention right from the off. You have to give your potential customers a reason to open your listings as opposed to the the hundred’s and sometimes thousands of alternative options. For this reason, it is important that you keep the background in your photos as plain as possible to ensure that your product remains the star of the show. Items lying on a patterned sofa or a garden lawnmower distract from the quality of the product and look very unprofessional. On top of this, some of your customers may even end up more interested in buying the couch from the background than the t-shirt which is lying on it which you are trying to sell.
Keep the flash for paparazzi

Light is fundamental to good photography and without it photos lack vibrance and detail. However, a common mistake is to use harsh flash lighting to take your product photos. This is a major no no as it makes items look unprofessional by affecting colour integrity and producing unwanted reflections, and hotspots. All of which reduce the appeal of your products and the likelihood of making a sale. So what is the best source of lighting? For this answer we simply look to the skies. Indirect sunlight through a window or door gives as a perfect lighting source which will give your photos both bright colours and clear details. A quick tip here, whatever light source you use whether it is a standard indoor bulb, sunlight or fluorescent tubes, make sure that your camera has the correct white balance setting to give the most accurate colours.
Never ready if you’re not steady

Another common mistake is the dreaded blurry photos cause by shaky hands. Where possible avoid holding your camera in your hands, especially when taking photos in low light, i.e. indoors. Even the steadiest hands shake and cause blurry, fuzzy images which lack detail and put off potential buyers.. Instead, try using a tripod to give a solid base or alternatively, place your camera on a tabletop or book shelf. In fact any flat surface will do as long as you are able to frame your product well and press the button without moving the camera.
Don’t play the guessing game
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Re: The Do’s and Don’ts when taking photos of eBay items
14 Apr 2015
In addition to great images I always try to include a video in my listings. This really helps to bring the product to life and shows the viewer how it really looks. I often shoot my videos with my GoPro which delivers some great HD footage and then I edit in iMovie and upload to Vimeo or YouTube.

This approach has delivered great results and I am certainly not a video professional. I just like to test things out and get better at them rather than pay somebody else to do it.

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Re: The Do’s and Don’ts when taking photos of eBay items
30 Apr 2015

On eBay I find that a lot of the "sold" items are of items without doctored out backgrounds. A clean background is a must but a background vs. none makes the item look real. Like it is actually in your possession or something.

I edited many of my pictures with photoshop with the white background and now I sell more with a pretty blue background that is actually the background instead of having it photoshopped away.

Granted a long time ago I took worse looking pictures. Are you saying I should go back to using photoshop because customers prefer white backgrounds?

Thank you for the tutorial!
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Re: The Do’s and Don’ts when taking photos of eBay items
7 May 2015
Many moons ago, eBay actually used to advise you to place your product against a light blue background as it sold better.
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Re: The Do’s and Don’ts when taking photos of eBay items
14 Jun 2015
While we recommend product photos on a white background, it's not always a must. Here are photography tips for images that drive sales.

If you're doing it yourself with a smartphone, check out this post.
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Re: The Do’s and Don’ts when taking photos of eBay items
15 Jun 2015
Hi All,

I recently wrote some tips for eBay about product photography. I thought I would share it for anyone who is starting out on eBay or wants to improve their image quality.
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Re: The Do’s and Don’ts when taking photos of eBay items
29 Jul 2015
Product photos are a very important part for selling online. You have touched the point here by providing useful information. After going through this post, most people would strike a question that is How? You can go through my below post to know how to do appropriate product photography to attract more sales.
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