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In a nutshell...
9 Apr 2015
So I priced out other Amazon repricing and feedback software and I found that BQool was on par with the overall standard of what's available. But if you're like me then it really boils down to a lot more than price. I want to know what can I do with it and how affective is it. Well, I found during my free trial that BQool had everything in a nutshell! When it comes to repricing I can create rules for just about every scenario I want! From only competing with specific competitors and fulfillment to seting it to auto compete where it finds who's in my min and max range and duking it out with them, to so much more. I won the buybox over 80% of the time and I'm very happy with that! Bottom line is this company deserves your interest and you better believe they will deliver!
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