What does eBay need to do to get back on track?

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Re: What does eBay need to do to get back on track?
25 Apr 2015
@Jax Music Supply

It's no good marketing the site if it's full of problems and people don't like what they see. The problem is the site is so full of problems, and scammers, and riff raff as you put it that the sellers they are losing are the decent ones, not the garbage.

They won't help genuine sellers, especially after the recent run of staff cuts. You get a neutral now left by mistake, with a comment like "Great seller" and they won't remove it. You get a low DSR even though the buyer has left a positive feedback and they won't remove it. Their automatic defect removal system doesn't work, like everything else they introduce, and the staff that ar left can't cope.

That and the other issues, like thieves regularly claiming for low value items not received and getting away with it no matter how many times they claim, and the professional sellers are leaving, content with what they can make on Amazon and their own websites relatively hassle free. eBay is now full of crap sellers selling junk.

The other major problem is Best Match, a system that doesn't work. How can a fairly new seller sell over 100 of the same item as me when he has only 400 feedback at 98.6%, a very poor description and poor ratings while I have over 18,000 feedback, top rated seller, 99.9% feedback and only sell three of the same itemat the same price in 6 months? This happens all the time. Why? Because the things you search for don't show up in any logical order. The site is completely screwed.

That brings us back to the top. It's no good marketing the site if it doesn't work and doesn't appeal to customers. You have to get the product right so that it appeals before you try to sell it. The same applies as much to ebay as much as it applies to any seller.
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Re: What does eBay need to do to get back on track?
4 Aug 2015
Well I've just been kicked off of eBay,

I was there for 7 years at best my feedback rating was 99.8 percent. which means 2 unhappy buyers in every 1000.

It still not dipped below 99%.

What killed it is the DSR rating whereby people can leave a negative rating anonymously.

Nice, Basically i changed packing company in April and they made quite a few mistakes. Needless to say all buyers were compensated.

After that my ratings improved but they decided to kick me off anyway (without telling me)

Here is the message they sent me after I investigated why i couldn't amend listings.

Basically I hope they go bust.

Hi Vanessa,

Thank you for contacting us about the selling restriction on your account. I understand you're appealing for this restriction to be lifted.
We further review your account and I can confirm that we still have the same decision. Please understand that we are just doing this to make sure that eBay will be a safe place for both buyers and sellers. We are avoiding the fact that the restricted user will use eBay in different ways including using their friend or relative’s account.
Due to the same information that we’ve seen between both accounts, we decided to restrict your account too. The only way for us to lift the restriction on your account is if the link account will be resolved. In an instance that the link account cannot be resolved anymore, I’m afraid we cannot lift also the problem on your account.
Please be advised that you can't register a new account or use an existing account while your account is restricted. We may also suspend new or existing accounts that were opened by anyone in the same household as, or associated with, a suspended user.
You can use your past experience of being a seller as a stepping stone for improvement and try to start anew in other sites. You can improve this better and use this as an advantage as there are other sites that you can try to sell items once more.
Although your selling will not be possible anymore, you may still continue to use this account for buying, leave Feedback, access emails in My Messages and do most other administrative tasks.
I trust that this helps to clarify this matter for you. I appreciate your understanding on this matter.
Kind regards,
Fe Veronica

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Re: What does eBay need to do to get back on track?
4 Aug 2015

I would have to disagree. eBay has been changing a lot of things to make them more "Amazon" like. Emphasis on fixed price items (less auctions), product selling standardizations (UPCs, pictures, etc), elimination of buyer feedback and experimenting with fulfillment services. Amazon never had a community per se, where eBay had a vibrant seller and buyer community for years. Since eBay has pursued these strategies, the volume of sales for most folks has dropped significantly. By changing their emphasis, people who came to eBay to buy unique items or auction bargains, who also often picked up a few fixed price items, have moved on because they are no longer there. Ebay has given up their niche. Add lackluster marketing plans, a disgruntled group of 3rd party sellers, lack of vision, and the weirdest lack of consistent support policies and you have a recipe for continued disaster. As a seller ,I don't take these things personally, as so many sellers do. As a public company their stock holders demand continual double digit growth rather than steady growth and profits.
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Re: What does eBay need to do to get back on track?
5 Aug 2015
@Andy They keep changing policy frequently and all in favour of them. They should think more about sellers and less on making profits. They should also learn from their experience with PayPal to improvise their services.
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Re: What does eBay need to do to get back on track?
6 Jul 2016
I started on eBay in 2005 selling mostly as a way to support my buying habit. In 2007 I became more serious about turning it into a real business. Since then I've noticed a more hostile attitude toward sellers in general. Fees have gone up, customer support has gone down and you are generally assumed to be guilty with no recourse. I think that's the part that bothers me the most. Their system is geared toward protecting the buyer at the expense of sellers and we pay thousands of dollars every year for the privilege of getting beat up. It's very sad to see this trend and if they don't figure out a way to reverse it I feel good sellers will start leaving for other platforms. They used to be a good place to sell. I hope they can turn it around!
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