Alternative to TL

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Alternative to TL
27 Jul 2006
HI all.

In a nutshell I need a piece of software that will hook into eBay and import all my active listings,

Bear in mind I have 8000+ and TL just fails EVERY time.

My ultimate goal is to be able to get a list of urls for all the pics I have that are active. (I self host and have been a little lazy in my house keeping and need to delete the unused pictures)

Any advice greatfully recieved.

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Re: Alternative to TL
28 Jul 2006
It's a trick question to answer not knowing where you want to be at. From what I have found, its not as easy as just stating what you have.

If you want a free solution, has a great system as long as you can bare the occasional lag times that it will take in order to do what you want.

That is, if you want a web based system. There are a lot on the market place, that it would take forever to list.

For a desktop solution, I have found MarketBlast to be pretty reliable and well thought out as well. For a one time fee, its affordable as well.

In my experience, I would tell you to stay away from inkFrog, HungryGopher and SpoonFeeder.

I have experienced some nagging and more importantly, business critical problems with there solutions.

Hope I have helped.

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