Past customer for 7 years

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Past customer for 7 years
18 Apr 2015
Past customer for 7 years

I cancelled my account over 8 months ago we found much better service and price from competing company, we had been with Channel Advisor for 7 years as customer they would never credit us fees on cancelled orders that has added up to over 34000 dollars over 7 years. They told me I could not cancel that I was under contract They wanted me to pay 9 thousand to get out of contract now that we switched they have given to debt collectors that call and harass you. I told channel advisor we was not paying for nothing and contract law in ky explains this clearly. I politely tried to exit this company and after being customer for 7 years they should have handled things differently. Now we have to submit to federal trade commission and better business.

In the 7 years on average our account manager would only last for 2-3 years I would ask what happened they would tell me they found better job.

Please beware of this company.
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Re: Past customer for 7 years
15 Oct 2015
can you give me more details about pricing ? it seems expensive. i am curious why you stayed 7 years if you did not have a good experience. Can you also advise which company did you switch.

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Re: Past customer for 7 years
2 May 2016
@jason787 What company did you switch to and are you still happy with the change?
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Re: Past customer for 7 years
31 Oct 2016
@jason787 What company did you switch to?
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