Esteal - Secure Enough?

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Esteal - Secure Enough?
29 Jul 2006
I saw Auction Software Review's email about eSteal, so I went to their website and signed up. I happened to notice that there was no secure page (the yellow lock at the bottom of the page) for new user information (including eBay ID and eBay password).

I went to Forums and the first group of messages was about a user who had had their eBay ID hacked, and their story, and various requests for the site to use SSL to ensure security. An eSteal admin replied that it is coming but it is not installed yet.

It made me nervous that this could be the leak where the hacker stole the eBay user's ID, so I deleted my account and immediately changed my eBay password. It just made me nervous.

As far as sniping, it seemed like a decent option.

Anybody have any issues with a hacked ID after signing up or using eSteal?
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Re: Esteal - Secure Enough?
30 Jul 2006
i have to say, the situation is pretty common, and i really would not alarm myself that much...

it was a good cross of a t to act the way you did, but the truth of the matter as a coder myself, sometimes the ssl gets put in the backburner before you perform other tasks of building your software and site...

i cant vouch for esteal, but if i had to take a guess, i would say this is the case here..

if in need of a recommendation, i tend to lean over on either of these two progs:

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Re: Esteal - Secure Enough?
8 Dec 2006
Installing SSL is not a rocket science - and not using it looks quite amateurish.

I used esteal for a while, and while my ebay id was never stolen, I did feel uncomfortable sending my ebay password as plain text to esteal.

Then I switched to Gixen ( - another free sniping service that supports SSL. I recommend it.

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