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A review of Teapplix by Jax Music Supply
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Recently switched to Teapplix
22 Apr 2015
With the purchase of ShipWorks by, and I recently switched to Teapplix's shipping solution. So far, I'm fairly pleased.

The good:

1. Works with Endicia (shipworks dropped support for this) and an Endicia account is included in the cost of the service.

2. Includes an Express1 account (discounted US Priority mail).

3. Works fine with Globegistics mail service.

4. Excellent response on customer service.

5. Easy and fast reporting (although not super flexible).

6. Easy to save preset information.

7. Can be used anywhere there is an internet connection.

8. Works with tons of marketplaces and webstores.

The Bad:

1. Can be a bit slow at times. This is a cloud based solution - so it is not going to be as fast as a desktop solution.

2. Multiple clicks to print a label - again, browser based. Prints in a different browser tab which then requires you to hit print twice. They do offer a faster way to do this but it is still in beta and I wasn't
willing to try out a beta product.

3. Interface can be confusing and is inconsistent. Some screens look almost identical but you will find that the actions buttons are different or in different places from other screens. Sometimes you will find funny wording. Like when you add a manual order, enter the information, and the button you click says "new" instead of add or update. Minor issue but seems kind of silly to have it worded this way.

4. Printing return shipment or to create a duplicate shipment is kind of clunky. You have to find the original order, click RMA (and hope it is created) and then use that shipment. If you want to resend an item AND send a pre-paid return, you do this clunky process twice. Other systems use a master/child type relationship which is much easier to manage.

5. No separate pick list. The picklist and packing slips are created at the same time. So if you want to print the picklist on a 8x11 and the packing slips on a thermal you must be careful to change the printer and only print the pages you want.

6. Invoices are customizable but I have not had a lot of luck changing this. Additionally, they do not print consistently. Sometimes I get blank pieces and have to reprint (this happens on postage sometimes too) and other times skus or lines are missing from the invoice/packing slip. Annoying but not a deal killer.
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